My Netflix Recommendations #2


It is that time again…My Netflix recommendations!

  1. One Day At A Time: SUCH high praise for this wonderful show. A Netflix original adaptation of the original 70s show. A unique comedy about a Latino family that also carefully tackles important issues.
  2. A Series of Unfortunate Events: After being a massive fan of the books and having utter disappointment at the movie, I was so excited when a show following all of the books would be made. I watched this within 2 days, the day it was released (oops). I was super hooked and the agonising wait for the second series started immediately. A must-watch for fans of the book or anyone who enjoys a grim comedy.
  3. Love: After watching the first season of this in a day soon after it was released last year, I have been patiently waiting a WHOLE YEAR for the next instalment. And finally, it arrived. A lighthearted comedy
  4. Absolutely Fabulous: One of my ultimate fave shows ever. I recently watched this for like the 5th(?) time so had to feature it in my recommendations. A timeless classic, with humour, disgust and downright craziness. Definitely a very easy to watch and relaxing show so perfect for pamper nights.
  5. The OA: I was so confused but mesmerised at the start of this show. Once I finally understood what was going on – I loved it more every episode. I don’t know how much I can say without giving it away but I really recommend watching it and cannot wait for season 2.
  6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I started to watch this last year and was super excited when Season 2 came out so re-watched Season 1 in advance. Season 2 did not disappoint. The clever but crazy plots and of course the key singing element comprise an exciting rom-com that will just fill your life with joy.
  7. Thirteen Reasons Why: I had not read the book for this so had no idea what to expect but just new to follow the hype. I was SO hooked – to the point I binge watched it all in under 2 days. Super upsetting at times so be prepared but, the exciting and well-thought out plot is unmissable.



5 Things I Didn’t Expect From My Psychology Degree

psychologyWorking on yet another tough but interesting assignment, I couldn’t help but reflect on how much the reality of this course differs from my initial expectations upon starting Uni almost 1 and a half years ago. Here are 5 things I did not expect from my Psychology degree:

  1. SO. MANY. STATS. I was prepared for a little but oh my, I never could have prepared myself for this much. Fortunately I think I am just about getting to grips with the horrendous amount I have to learn (why are there so many tests anyway?!) – I just hope I manage the stats element in my dissertation.
  2. The infinite number of areas of Psychology. There really is A LOT. So much in fact I am forever changing which area interests me most or what field I would like to pursue. I am forever learning about new branches of this amazing subject and left in awe every time, making me question whether I will ever settle on a favourite.
  3. The super strict guidelines for referencing and writing lab reports. Of course I expected referencing and scientific writing but I never could have been prepared for the extent this is drilled into us every assignment. Personally I think this is kinda ridiculous as not even published reports are 100% perfect but it is reassuring that I’m being constantly taught the correct writing style early on in my Psychology career.
  4. How complicated the brain really is. I have had 3 biology modules and each time learn so many new things, and I am still learning now. It is super hard but fascinating at the same time, and I never imagined there to be so much to learn.
  5. How much in life is started by Psychology. The amount of work done by Psychology professionals, or people with just a little bit of background is amazing. When starting this degree I knew it was pretty universal but, I never imagined it to be applicable to so many areas.


Tips for Decorating on a Student budget


The excitement of uni and being able to decorate your very own place from scratch can be quickly diminished by the thought of the little money you will actually have to make your ‘dream’ place. Here are some tips to still fulfil your decor needs without breaking the bank.

  1. Firstly, pick a colour scheme/theme and stick to it. It can be hard to change your plans to fit the stuff you find but, sticking to specific colours can actually help you save money and stop temptation to purchase all the other great decor finds you may come across.
  2. Shop smart. Find the cheapest places for good, affordable decor; I’m talking Primark, ASDA, Sainsburys, Poundland, eBay. Starting this shop in early summer can give you as much time as possible to gather your supplies before term starts.
  3. Fairy lights are an essential for making a room feel homely and my top tip for this is; avoid battery powered like the plague. Especially if you’re in halls and electric bills are not a concern. Mains powered lights will surprisingly save a lot of money in the long run and, you can still get cheap and super nice lights this way.
  4. Get creative. It is amazing what can be done with bits of fabric and a Youtube tutorial. DIY to your hearts content; bunting, cushions, anything and everything you can think of will be made with  (hopefully) minimal effort at little expense!
  5. Print off a lot of pictures – sites such as Snap Fish offer great deals for first time buyers – often you only need to pay postage. The chances are you will have a notice board already in your room (if not I recommend getting one) and a pictures are a great way to instantly brighten up your space. Another idea which I’ve done is get some string and pegs (will be super cheap) and simply hang pictures up!
  6. If your uni has a poster sale, go. I managed to get some great posters at an absolute steal in my first few weeks of uni. They often have a wide selection too so there should be something for everyone!


The Product That Changed My Life

I am SO happy to be able to tell you all about an absolute amazing product that is taking social media by storm atm. Spoiler: I can confirm it receives all the praise it is getting because it has literally changed my life.

Admittedly, I am one to enthusiastically start an exercise fad and then all too hastily give up. The main reason for doing this? Boobs. Three sports bras later and, they still WILL NOT STAY PUT.

So when I came across Booband I was so keen to try out this new potentially revolutionary product. It arrived so quickly in the most beautiful pink packaging and as soon as it was delivered I put it to the test. I jumped, I ran, I did every exercise I could think of. And was astounded – there was no movement. It took a week or so to reach a balance between being too lose and mild suffocation but I am now three weeks into a regular exercise regime and will never look back.

You may think this sounds like a product exclusively for the bigger woman (I thought the same to start with), but the damage caused to our girls even by walking is insane. Their whole premise is to “hold it down” – this counteracts the harmful effects caused by movement that cause upwards movement, leading to sagging and other ligament issues: for a more detailed explanation read this.

At the moment they come in sizes small and medium but extra small and large are coming VERY soon! They also have a range of colours (I personally have the black and pink – soon to get the nude). The affordable price-tag means this is not one to miss.

So how do you actually wear it? That is the best part, it is SO simple! It is velcro fitted so you literally just wrap it around the top of your boobs and voila, you are ready to go.

Are you hooked? I have great news for you – you can get 10% off anything in the Booband shop (so two Boobands for only £31.50!) on using the code LFBB10

(I realise this sounded like a super cheesy ad but I really cannot express how much I love this product!)

Read more reviews:



February Favourites

Beauty: The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo. I have been searching for a great shampoo for ages and think I have finally found it. Firstly, it smells divine. The application is great and I am already seeing an improvement in my hair quality after only 2 weeks of using it.
Make-up: Fortune Favours The Brave Palette. I reviewed this a couple of weeks ago and have been raving about it ever since. The shades are so beautiful and versatile, I have created some of my new favourite looks using it. The very affordable price tag for a high-end worthy product is amazing so I cannot recommend enough!
Reading: Wonderful Wednesday. I have been reading many of these posts recently and just love the idea. It genuinely lifts my spirits and I love reading about other people’s days. It puts a really positive spin on blogging and I might even give this a go myself! I have especially been loving this series on Appreciate The Day – so check it out!
Listening: Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran, I want it that way – Backstreet boys, Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus.
Watching: Jane the Virgin. I LOVE this show. I watched Season 1 on UK TV, and since Season 2 started (now on Season 3) I am too impatient to wait til it airs in the UK so have been watching it on various sites. I can never pinpoint exactly why I love this show so much but everytime I watch I am hooked.
Food: Pancakes. Obviously this had to be mentioned, even if it was only just in February. I was so excited when I could actually justify eating pancakes (as I had them twice in February besides Pancake day oops!). Check out my recipe here.
Others: Campus Society. I joined this site a few months ago after one of the members contacted me and have loved it since. There is such a great community atmosphere on there and I really enjoy exploring the endless channels and interacting with students all over the world! They also recently sent me a gift box full of goodies which was super lovely. I totally recommend this site for any student!
Mermaid tail blanket. After debating over getting one of these for ages, I finally gave in. I got one for only £11 in Primark which was an absolute steal – especially as it is a gorgeous colour and material!


Top 30 karaoke tunes

I am always one to burst into song no matter where I am or who I’m with. I recently went to a karaoke bar with some friends and despite our extensive repertoire, we became stuck when it came to actually choosing songs. Therefore I have composed a list of all the best karaoke tunes so you never end up unable to think of the perfect karaoke song!

  1. I will always love you – Whitney Houston.
  2. I will survive – Gloria Gaynor.
  3. Purple Rain – Prince.
  4. I want it that way – Backstreet Boys.
  5. I wanna dance with somebody – Whitney Houston.
  6. (I’ve had) the time of my life – Dirty Dancing.
  7. I’d do anything for love (but I won’t do that) – Meat Loaf.
  8. Livin’ on a prayer – Bon Jovi.
  9. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.
  10. Wake me up before you go-go – Wham.
  11. Breaking Free – High School Musical.
  12. Total eclipse of the heart – Bonnie Tyler.
  13. Hopelessly devoted to you – Grease.
  14. A whole new world – Aladdin.
  15. Born to be wild – Steppenwolf.
  16. All about you – McFly.
  17. Halo – Beyonce.
  18. Love shack – The B-52’s.
  19. Eye of the tiger – Survivor.
  20. Walking on sunshine – Katrina & the waves.
  21. Don’t stop believin’ – Journey.
  22. Bridge over troubled water – Simon & Garfunkel.
  23. Year 3000 – Busted.
  24. Flying without wings – Westlife.
  25. Angels – Robbie Williams.
  26. Party in the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus.
  27. Firework – Katy Perry.
  28. Don’t you want me? – The Human League.
  29. Girls just want to have fun – Cyndi Lauper.
  30. Defying Gravity – Wicked.


January Favourites


Welcome to the very first of my monthly favourites…starting things off with January!

Beauty: LUSH Popcorn Lip Scrub – My Lips have been super dry recently thanks to the glorious winter. Granted, it has a bit of a niche taste (not instantly popcorn flavoured) but I really like it. It leaves lips feeling oh so smooth and makes applying lipstick a breeze. Yet another great product from LUSH.
Make-up: L’Oreal Paries Color Riche Lipstick in the shade 302 Bois De Ros. Honestly think this might become my all time favourite lipstick. First of, the packaging is gorgeous, right? The actual shade is equally, if not more, gorgeous. It really suits my skin tone, but I feel it definitely could work on anyone. More of a spring than a winter colour if I’m totally honest, but is very flexible and works with any look.
Reading: The Luxe Life by Fleur de Force. Such a beautiful book full of beautiful things. A very pleasant read and has been perfect for relaxing cosied up in bed with a hot drink.
Watching: One Day At A Time. I managed to watch the entire first season in under 2 days. It is that good. Perfectly depicting female empowerment whilst also throwing in lighthearted comedy. This Netflix original based on a show with the same name some time ago follows a Latino single mother and all the obstacles she has to face.
Food: Terry’s Chocolate Orange. This one needs no explanation because they’re just so frickin’ delicious but I consider this a Christmas/winter treat so have been indulging in way too many this season.
Others: Cosy socks. Undoubtedly one of the best things about winter is the endless amount of layers and super cosy clothing. I am such a sucker for the fluffiest cosiest socks and only last week purchased yet another new pair.
Happy Home Designer 3DS. I have recently fallen back in love with the wonder that is Animal Crossing. Once I realised there was another new game in the collection I just had to get my hands on it. Being totally different from the standard running of the games, Happy Home Designer allows your creativity to flourish as you design homes for other villagers and removes the too close to home stress of trying to make money and trying to buy the best things by providing everything totally free. A game of literally just interior design with all your favourites from the game?! Heaven.