ZARA/ASOS Spring Wishlist

Apologies for the total lack of effort, I’m swamped with uni work but still wanted to get a post in on schedule! Here are some things from ZARA and ASOS that I would love to wear this spring:

Oversized sweater in red – £29.99

Technical fabric backpack with pendant – £45.99

Midi wrap skirt – £29.99

Oversized t-shirt – £9.99

ASOS Midi skirt in satin with splices – £35

Warehouse Floral Printed Ruffle Midi Skirt – £49

ASOS Midi skirt in pleated satin – £35

Public Desire Anita mid heeled over the knee boots – £39.99

ASOS DAY TRIP Suede flatform trainers – £22

ASOS TREASURED Leather chunky strappy sandals – £40


2017 Fashion Predictions

Trying something new here, but found it very fun nonetheless. Hope you enjoy what trends I believe/hope will be in.out this year.

IN: Midi Skirts. The beautiful flowing garment that can make you feel like a goddess. I would LOVE for these to become ‘the’ thing of 2017 and pretty much every year tbh. Christmas 2016 did see the small rise of the metallic pleated midi, making it a perfect piece for any party and I hope that this year the introduction of every colour under the rainbow will swamp the high street.

OUT: Velvet. Perhaps the biggest trend to hit 2016, for a reason I will never understand. OK, velvet skirts can sometimes be kinda cute on OCCASIONS like damn, I even own a velvet skirt myself. But velvet dresses/playsuits/trousers? Too much.They feel gross and it is SO hard to find cute tops/shoes to pair with.

IN: Pastels. I’m really hoping for a massive pastel craze this spring/summer. Particularly pink, yellow and blue. Pastels are always super cute but their availability tends to be limited. Let 2017 go pastel crazy and the world a brighter place.

OUT: High Heels?! A much loved item by everyone for so many years – I am bringing on the controversy with this wish. However, I am not alone. Both Elle and Vogue have anticipated the downfall of super high heels this year, and ABOUT TIME. I have never and never will understand the massive trend behind this insane form of suffering for appearance so, good riddance.

IN: COMFORT. Following from the last post, can we get a cheer for FINALLY realising the importance of comfort. Gone (hopefully) are the days of daily squeezing into ridiculously tight clothing purely because it’s the latest trend – it is time for the trend to be feeling physically good about ourselves.

OUT: Bodysuits. Again partly related to comfort because these are super uncomfortable. These are yet another thing I just don’t get. The idea of them seems great but in hindsight, is there really any point to them? Unless I can be enlightened into the inside

IN: Playsuits. I have so much love for playsuits. The super cute staple that can make any spring/summer season just that little bit cuter. I would be totally ok with these dominating fashion for many years to come.

OUT: Flared trousers. Flares have been creeping their way back in and honestly? I don’t dig it. There is nothing wrong with our beloved jeans or even trying wacky patterned trousers. But is there need to add extra material, giving an unflattering look and even hiding our great shoes in the process?

IN: Slogan tees. Showing our values and fave things through statement clothing has never been cooler. I’m talking tees with literally anything on, the weirder the better. I am loving the range of these glorious things, that can let our immaturity flourish or showcase super serious issues – because publicly displaying our individuality is great.

OUT: Cold/open shoulder/ANY SHOULDER THAT ISN’T OFF THE SHOULDER. Because off the shoulder = cute AF, but unnecessary shoulder exposure in an English summer? COLD and not cute. Too many great tops are ruined by an ugly hole that adds no benefit to the wearer. Please let 2017 be the end of this ridiculous trend.


Blogmas Day 7 – Christmas outfits



1.Brave soul penguin dance Christmas jumper

2. Topshop Christmas sequin bauble jumper

3. ASOS curve sequin santa Christmas jumper

4. ASOS jumper with Christmas snowflake elbow patch

5. Boohoo daisy gingerbread man applique Christmas jumper

6. Boohoo petite holly Christmas tree jumper

7. Boohoo sequin strappy midi dress

8. Prettylittlething Kathie gold bandeau sequin maxi dress

9. Bershka fine heeled metallic shoes

10. ASDA Christmas light up antlers headband

11. Topshop low back velvet skater dress



ASOS Autumn Wishlist

Autumn – the perfect excuse to purchase the new cosiest jumper or finally splash out on those new boots you have been lusting over. I, like many, always look for an excuse to update my wardrobe – and what better excuse than Autumn! To celebrate the new season and perhaps provide some clothing inspiration to those who are in online shopping slump, I am sharing my current ASOS wishlist with you all so, enjoy…. Continue reading