Review: L’oreal clay masks


I am SO glad I finally got my hands on these wonderful products! After listening to all the hype surrounding them, I decided it was finally time to see if it really was that good. I don’t really have awful skin problems so the results were never going to be massive but, I have still seen a skin transformation nonetheless. The instant tightening effect once its applied just fills you with hope. I have found my make-up to be so much easier to apply due to the way these masks have evened out my skin and provided a great base.

I have the detox and purify masks but there is also a pure glow mask which is a reddish brown. With such a low price tag, this product is not one to miss. It gives you a suggested 10 full face applications per product but, if like me, you only use it on target problem areas you will be sorted for a few months. I use this 3 times a week on my chin and t-zone as they tend to get a bit oily, and seen such a great improvement in only 2 weeks so can just imagine it works wonders on acne prone skin.

I hope this has persuaded you to purchase this actual godsend product and enjoy the way it works wonders on your skin!


Mini Lush Haul

Ah, Lush. One of my absolute fave brands. Every season I wait with anticipation for their next range of products to be released. I think their latest releases have been their best selection yet. I visited my local store last week and had to refrain from buying everything, instead I asked a lovely member of staff which two products she recommended.


I knew instantly I HAD to have Elsie the Giraffe just because, I have to have every giraffe thing I set my eyes on. She is a bubble bar which is perfect as my current one is so close to running out.


Next, I was recommended the very vibrant “over and over” bath bomb. It has great cleansing properties, with half being cocoa butter and apparently turns your bath a very bright mixture of orange and yellow which I am very excited to experience.


Probably the most Easter themed product there; Chick ‘N’ Mix instantly caught my eye – it is super cute. I was a bit stumped on the premium price tag, wondering why it was so expensive for what I thought was a single use bath bomb. However, it actually lasts 3 uses, each half of the egg and also there is a cute little “egg” inside!


I will definitely be going back soon to purchase even more products – I particularly love the new egg designs!


My First BirchBox & Review: Is It Worth It?

I have heard about all the various beauty boxes for sometime now and finally, caved in. I saw that BirchBox offered 50% off your first box for students hence finalising my thought process into which product to get. I purposefully only signed up for one month so I could see if it was really worth renewing before I committed. I love how they personalise each box based on a beauty quiz but, as it was my first box I received the standard products.

It arrived super quick and the box was really cute – bigger than I was expecting.


The first thing I noticed was that it arrived in a really cute bag saying “best day ever”. It is a really nice size so I am sure it will become very useful at some point.



I immediately saw a mini Batiste poking out – a perfect travel size of a dry shampoo I already use and love.


I was super excited to see a Benefit lip product! I received the colour “Pink Thrills” and the unique teardrop shape (which my camera refused to focus on, hence the picture from the website!) combining a liner and lipstick created a unique, but smooth application. It is a long-lasting product, one which I am very impressed with.


Really interested by this primer and can’t wait to see if it actually works! However I have heard of balanceme and know they are an established brand so was very exciting to receive a sample of one of their products!


Ok honestly, I was a little disappointed by this – just a shower gel?! However, it smells glorious and is a perfect travel size so overall I am happy I received this.


Finally – a Birchbox exclusive (ooo)! Yet again I am loving this purely for the travel size cuteness of it all as I have more than enough make-up remover. I am yet to try it but it does look like a really good product.


So, is it worth it? I wasn’t massively impressed with this product but, I feel that is because I wasn’t able to experience a personalised box. I do feel like I will subscribe to this in a few months, however I am unsure whether I am ready to commit to a full year. It is great value for money and a perfect treat for all beauty lovers. It is also very handy to have a lot of travel sized items – which I have already been provided with a few essentials from just one box! For any other students I really recommend using the 50% off the first box offer with Unidays just so you can experience a selection of great products for an excellent price!

Are any of you subscribed to Birchbox or an alternative? I would love to hear more and be persuaded to sign up!



Q&A #2: Beauty Edition


  1. What part of your daily beauty regime do you usually spend the longest on?
    Definitely my eyes – I love trying out new eye-shadow looks, experimenting with sometimes whacky colours and therefore need to make sure it is blended to perfection. Also I am pretty used to the rest of my routine and never usually change it up so it doesn’t take very long to do my face, brows, etc.
  2. Do you remember your first make-up item?
    I am not actually 100% sure, but ignoring all the very luxurious make-up sets I’m sure we all has as kids, I think my first product might have been foundation – I wanna say matte mouse.
  3. What kind of coverage do you prefer from foundation?
    Definitely light – medium.
  4. At what age did you realise you were in to beauty products and wanted to blog about it?
    Probably when I started uni! I had gone through like 2 month phases of being into make-up since I was 12-ish but I never really became fully interested in doing it on a regular basis since I started uni in 2015.
  5. What is your most cherished beauty product?
    My beloved Naked palette.
  6. How often do you shop for make-up?
    Very frequently! I rarely do a big shop – I always rush to a Beauty section/shop when I’m out and tend to be persuaded into purchasing something. Because of this I never run out of products so there is never an urgency as such to shop.
  7. Favourite shop to get beauty/make-up products?
    Superdrug or Kiko! I also love The Body Shop.
  8. Favourite beauty and make-up brand?
    LUSH for beauty, Makeup Revolution for make-up.
  9. How long do you spend on your daily make-up routine?
    About 15 minutes.
  10. Favourite skincare product?
    Simple moisturiser or Superdrug Vitamin E Facial Scrub




My current favourite lipsticks



From left to right: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 16, Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 07, Mac Diva.

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in 16: This beauty barbie pink shade is perfecf for spring and pairing with a super cute floral number. It is a cheap drugstore product so its consistency is not the best, but is very good for the price. I would definitely say it needs to used with a lipliner and lipgloss to allow the colour to reach its full potential.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 07: A liquid lipstick that goes on very smoothly and leaves a satin finish. Unfortunately it is not very long lasting but due to its compact size and easy applicator it is super quick to top up. Definitely another very spring/summer shade and goes very nice with a copper/orange eye look.

Mac Diva: A gorgeous, gorgeous very deep shade. This colour probably suits me the most out of all my lipsticks and therefore I wear it at every opportunity despite it being a ‘winter shade’. It is very long lasting adds a touch of glamour to any outfit.


Review: Soap & Glory eyeliner


I have heard great things about this product so was very excited to try it. I have struggled for so long to find the perfect eyeliner, easy to use and great consistency that doesn’t cost a bomb.

I was immediately impressed with the quality of the product, doesn’t dry up and applies nicely over eyeshadow. The nib, although slightly too thick for my liking, is also of good quality and is definitely a thumbs up from me in terms of easy application. However, it is so easy to end up going just too thick if you aren’t careful due to the size of the nib.

So, I am still yet to find the PERFECT eyeliner. But, this one came pretty close. It is excellent quality for the price and definitely the best drugstore eyeliner I have tried so far. Really recommend for those starting out with eyeliner or possess more artistic talents than me and aren’t ridiculously fussy about the nib size.

If any of you have used an amazing eyeliner please let me know below!


February Favourites

Beauty: The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo. I have been searching for a great shampoo for ages and think I have finally found it. Firstly, it smells divine. The application is great and I am already seeing an improvement in my hair quality after only 2 weeks of using it.
Make-up: Fortune Favours The Brave Palette. I reviewed this a couple of weeks ago and have been raving about it ever since. The shades are so beautiful and versatile, I have created some of my new favourite looks using it. The very affordable price tag for a high-end worthy product is amazing so I cannot recommend enough!
Reading: Wonderful Wednesday. I have been reading many of these posts recently and just love the idea. It genuinely lifts my spirits and I love reading about other people’s days. It puts a really positive spin on blogging and I might even give this a go myself! I have especially been loving this series on Appreciate The Day – so check it out!
Listening: Castle on the Hill – Ed Sheeran, I want it that way – Backstreet boys, Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus.
Watching: Jane the Virgin. I LOVE this show. I watched Season 1 on UK TV, and since Season 2 started (now on Season 3) I am too impatient to wait til it airs in the UK so have been watching it on various sites. I can never pinpoint exactly why I love this show so much but everytime I watch I am hooked.
Food: Pancakes. Obviously this had to be mentioned, even if it was only just in February. I was so excited when I could actually justify eating pancakes (as I had them twice in February besides Pancake day oops!). Check out my recipe here.
Others: Campus Society. I joined this site a few months ago after one of the members contacted me and have loved it since. There is such a great community atmosphere on there and I really enjoy exploring the endless channels and interacting with students all over the world! They also recently sent me a gift box full of goodies which was super lovely. I totally recommend this site for any student!
Mermaid tail blanket. After debating over getting one of these for ages, I finally gave in. I got one for only £11 in Primark which was an absolute steal – especially as it is a gorgeous colour and material!