My Netflix Recommendations #2


It is that time again…My Netflix recommendations!

  1. One Day At A Time: SUCH high praise for this wonderful show. A Netflix original adaptation of the original 70s show. A unique comedy about a Latino family that also carefully tackles important issues.
  2. A Series of Unfortunate Events: After being a massive fan of the books and having utter disappointment at the movie, I was so excited when a show following all of the books would be made. I watched this within 2 days, the day it was released (oops). I was super hooked and the agonising wait for the second series started immediately. A must-watch for fans of the book or anyone who enjoys a grim comedy.
  3. Love: After watching the first season of this in a day soon after it was released last year, I have been patiently waiting a WHOLE YEAR for the next instalment. And finally, it arrived. A lighthearted comedy
  4. Absolutely Fabulous: One of my ultimate fave shows ever. I recently watched this for like the 5th(?) time so had to feature it in my recommendations. A timeless classic, with humour, disgust and downright craziness. Definitely a very easy to watch and relaxing show so perfect for pamper nights.
  5. The OA: I was so confused but mesmerised at the start of this show. Once I finally understood what was going on – I loved it more every episode. I don’t know how much I can say without giving it away but I really recommend watching it and cannot wait for season 2.
  6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I started to watch this last year and was super excited when Season 2 came out so re-watched Season 1 in advance. Season 2 did not disappoint. The clever but crazy plots and of course the key singing element comprise an exciting rom-com that will just fill your life with joy.
  7. Thirteen Reasons Why: I had not read the book for this so had no idea what to expect but just new to follow the hype. I was SO hooked – to the point I binge watched it all in under 2 days. Super upsetting at times so be prepared but, the exciting and well-thought out plot is unmissable.



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