Review: L’oreal clay masks


I am SO glad I finally got my hands on these wonderful products! After listening to all the hype surrounding them, I decided it was finally time to see if it really was that good. I don’t really have awful skin problems so the results were never going to be massive but, I have still seen a skin transformation nonetheless. The instant tightening effect once its applied just fills you with hope. I have found my make-up to be so much easier to apply due to the way these masks have evened out my skin and provided a great base.

I have the detox and purify masks but there is also a pure glow mask which is a reddish brown. With such a low price tag, this product is not one to miss. It gives you a suggested 10 full face applications per product but, if like me, you only use it on target problem areas you will be sorted for a few months. I use this 3 times a week on my chin and t-zone as they tend to get a bit oily, and seen such a great improvement in only 2 weeks so can just imagine it works wonders on acne prone skin.

I hope this has persuaded you to purchase this actual godsend product and enjoy the way it works wonders on your skin!


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